Necessity Knows No Law

storms and floods and human tragedy make taking necessary action vitalWe have seen many crises in recent weeks. Natural disasters ripped through cities. People have contributed their share to the misery of others. Whether it’s Houston, San Juan or Las Vegas, it is time for resilience. For this reason, taking necessary action prevails over all else. Consequently, today we consider the adage: Necessity knows no law.

Law matters greatly to many people. For example, Americans founded our nation with the rule of law in mind. Consequently, we tend to adhere to laws, though certain exceptions apply. Necessity is the primary exception we make. Moreover, we regard compassion as a strength. As a result, we know that sometimes bad things happen. And when they do necessity knows no law.

Taking necessary action in crises

Universally, humans accept that in a crisis norms go out the window. After all, the circumstances are extraordinary. Taking necessary action means lifting a loaf of bread and some peanut butter from a store when your kids are hungry. It does not refer to looting. We accept this difference because in ordinary circumstances, little prevents a person from getting peanut butter and bread.

We see this play out anytime disaster strikes. Likewise, taking necessary action means using lethal force against a gunman. We would not draw down on an ordinary citizen. But in an extraordinary situation, that may be the only way people will live.

On the other hand, this understanding is not freedom to bend or break the law. We see this in a crisis only. When lives are at stake and our choices are few if any is taking necessary action justified.

When taking necessary action makes sense

Don’t just assume that a crisis is the only place where taking necessary action makes sense. Challenges confront us daily. We choose how we respond. Sometimes our response is within society’s expectations. Although this may be true, we limit our options when we stick to what society expects. As a matter of fact, in these instances, taking necessary action makes more sense. Let me explain why.

Sooner of later you will face a situation where your interest trumps other considerations. Not long ago, I lost my job. At first I applied to jobs clearly within my skillset and career level. However, I did not find work. I knew I had to do something to shake things up. Consequently, I chose to embellish certain skills. I had these skills, but no professional experience in the field.

As a result, I started to get more calls. More calls led to more interviews. Eventually, I accepted an offer. I made taking necessary action the priority. Because I knew necessity knows no law, I did what I needed to do.

When taking necessary action doesn’t make sense

All things considered, that choice is yours and yours alone. Taking necessary action to you may mean a life or death scenario. On the other hand, you may see the wisdom of not being bound by a code that you did not craft. Furthermore, you should recall that not everyone will see this the way you do.

That truth, above all others, should be top of mind when you make choices. Your adversary may be taking necessary action. Shouldn’t you do the same?

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