You will never learn something from those who agree with you

Do you fear confrontation? Most do. It takes stern stuff to stand against a foe. But when we only hear agreement, we do not learn anything new. Take our competing echo chambers. One side declares the other to be corrupt. And all the blind mice line up on both sides to harrumph their assent. We grow weaker with every passing debate.

Our hunger to belong to a group compels our lack of thought. Such irony that we refer to this state as groupthink. Groupthink seduces most minds. Nothing is easier than belief without reason. Belief also brings association. We belong to one side or the other.

Not long ago, I read that “why” was the most powerful question a person could ask. In sales, why questions encourage a client to explain more of what they need. In our relationships, why questions create uncomfortable moments. Within those moments we will find clarity. When I was young, most every question that came out of my mouth started with why.


Because those questions allowed me to learn. When we ask why, we confront established thought. Many times established thought prevails. But we will never learn unless we ask why. Many more times, when we question established thought, we see the silliness of those ideas.

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