Facts are Stubborn Things

facts are stubborn thingsWe can see an issue from any number of angles. But nuance does not change reality. Our adage for today is an old gem – Facts are stubborn things. You may have found this out the hard way. Most wisdom is earned through such stern lessons. But we can plan ahead. Rather than find ourselves trapped by stubborn fact, we can orient ourselves to take advantage of any situation. Let’s look at how.

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Setting Fire to the House While Your Standing in the Middle of it

burn the house downSome situations have no good option. Call it the Kobayashi Maru. Call it the no-win scenario. Whatever you name it, the outcome will be negative. When you face certain loss, how you choose to go out can frame the future. While you can always graceful accept your fate, there is another option. Sometimes you just need to burn the house down.

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Trust Everybody, But Cut the Cards

Always cut cardsEveryone loves card tricks. The sleight of hand captures our attention. As a result we fail to see the trick. In fact, misdirection distracts us from what really happened. In short, you should always cut cards when playing. No matter who is at the table, when you cut cards, you exercise control.

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Necessity Knows No Law

storms and floods and human tragedy make taking necessary action vitalWe have seen many crises in recent weeks. Natural disasters ripped through cities. People have contributed their share to the misery of others. Whether it’s Houston, San Juan or Las Vegas, it is time for resilience. For this reason, taking necessary action prevails over all else. Consequently, today we consider the adage: Necessity knows no law.

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Ignorance Leads to Voluntary Misfortune

Ignorance leads to voluntary misfortune

We look at how ignorance leads to voluntary misfortune

Today’s adage reflects forgotten wisdom. Ignorance leads to voluntary misfortune. It tracks with another favorite of mine: “luck favors the prepared.” Misfortune is an unlucky outcome. We volunteer for misfortune when we choose ignorance over mental preparation.

You may recall the reversal of this adage. But make no mistake, ignorance is far from blissful. One’s lack of knowledge diminishes opportunities for success and advancement. We choose success when we choose to collect information.

And knowledge is so easy to obtain. Books are abundantly available. The Internet hosts knowledge bases for all to find. One needs only to seek  knowledge. No one is forced to be ignorant.

But knowledge alone is not enough to avoid misfortune. We’ll go into specifics after the jump. Continue reading

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There’s a Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path.

Morpheus_Neo_The Matrix - Knowing the Path_Walking the Path

In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. What this basically boils down to is that knowing and doing are two totally different concepts. Knowing is passive and doing is active. Walking the path allows us grow by facing challenges and struggles along the way. It builds character. Knowing the path is more theoretical. Continue reading

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If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes.

Nothing Changes - Ghost Tree - 17 Mile Drive - Monterey - California

Seems pretty obvious, right? This simple, modern saying is wisdom that should resonate and be obvious to us all, yet we don’t always recognize it. Why? Because human nature naturally wants and easier path or answer to a problem. Change requires hard work, unpredictability and unknowns and we just don’t like it. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll get this analogy. When it comes to change, we often go into Kreacher mode. In the Harry Potter stories, Kreacher doesn’t want to deviate from is path and responds simply with, “Kreacher won’t.” Continue reading

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Misery loves company.

Heisler Park Plants - Misery - California

People who are unhappy find comfort in the company of others who are unhappy, too. If you happen to be a relatively happy person, they will try to bring you down so you are more on their level of misery. Whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, these people are emotional vampires who feed off of others.

These people tend to have a victim mentality when it comes to their world view. They tend to be overly critical of others and are quick to judge people. They will misread your intentions and even facts of what happened to fit their world view because they are so committed to seeing everything in a negative light. Continue reading

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What goes around comes around.

Wave - Sunset - What Goes Around Comes Around

Ahhhh, karma. Karma is a reliable force that inevitably comes – whether good or bad. We often need to remind ourselves that what goes around comes around. And when we have been wronged in some way, it is especially difficult to just trust karma will take care of it.

We all give off energy in the world. If someone is a positive person, they radiate positive energy. If they look at things negatively, you will quickly get a sense of that energy, too. And negative energy can be draining. Continue reading

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Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

Chateau Montelena - California - Mile in His Shoes

It’s easy for us to look at someone else and judge what they are doing or how they are handling something. We are merely looking at a snapshot of their actions and not at what may have happened before or what they are feeling, or many other variables that led them to where they are or what they did.

When we make judgments about people, it says more about who we are than who they are. Many people feel more comfortable judging people in black and white. It’s safer that way and more defined. But humans are a million shades of grey. Continue reading

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